IIT JAM 2011 Biotechnology Question Paper

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IIT JAM previous year Biotechnology question paper

Q1 The lac repressor binds its operator with a Kd = 10–10 M. In a strain of E coli, the intracellular repressor concentration is 10–12 M. Induction of the lac operon in this strain
(A) does not require lactose
(B) requires lactose
(C) requires glucose
(D) requires both glucose and lactose

Q2. The DNA of an organism is 0.68 meters. What is the length of the DNA in kilobases?
(A) 2 × 108 (B) 2 × 106 (C) 2 × 105 (D) 2 × 103

Q3. The product of an enzyme reaction is estimated in a colorimeter. For a 1 cm path length cuvette, 20% of the incident light intensity is absorbed. If the path length is increased to 2 cm, the percentage of absorption is
(A) 36 (B) 40 (C) 64 (D) 90

Q.5 Neisseria meningitides is a
(A) Gram +ve bacillus
(B) Gram +ve coccus
(C) Gram –ve bacillus
(D) Gram –ve coccus

Q.6 An enzyme solution is sterilized by
(A) use of an autoclave
(B) ethylene oxide
(C) membrane filtration
(D) gama – radiation

Q.7 RNA interference is induced by
(A) double strand DNA
(B) double strand RNA
(C) both double strand DNA and RNA
(D) specific proteins

Q.8 The detection and estimation of DNA products by Real Time PCR is achieved with
(A) Syber Green
(B) Ethidium Bromide
(C) Acridine Orange
(D) Green Fluorescent protein

Q.9 peritrichous arrangement of flagella in bacilli is a
(A) single flagellum at one pole
(B) single flagellum at each pole
(C) cluster of flagella at one pole
(D) uniform distribution of flagella around the cell

Q.10 Fibroblast cells in culture survive limited number of passages due to
(A) exhaustion of nutrients
(B) contact inhibition
(C) shortening of telomeres
(D) loss of cell adherence

IIT JAM 2011 Biotechnology Question Paper

IIT JAM Question Paper

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