MAHAGENCO Electrical Question Papers

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MAHAGENCO ELECTRICAL Engineering Question Papers

1. The speed of an AC motor depends on ____ .
1] Frequency 2] Number of poles 3] Both [1] & [2] 4] None of these

2. The speed of the motor can be varied by ___.
1] Changing supply frequency 2] Changing number of poles
3] Using multi speed windings 4] All of these

3. Output power requirements of constant torque loads vary with _____.
1] Speed 2] voltage 3] Current 4] power factor

4. Maximum demand controller is used to ___________.
1] Switch off essential loads in a logical sequence
2] Exceed the demand of the plant
3] Switch off non-essential loads in a logical sequence
4] Controls the power factor of the plant

5. Select the application of fluid coupling fitting from the following:
1] Acts as a voltage limiter 2] Enables no-load start-up of prime-mover
3] Works on the principle of eddy current 4] None of these

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